PSK are well equipped to provide assessment and treatment options for your contaminated land concerns.

Too often, incomplete environmental investigations that fail to meet all legislative requirements can compromise the effective and timely delivery of construction/civil projects. PSK provides relevant and comprehensive environmental investigations and management plans to ensure your environmental obligations are met by delivering the following:

  • Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) including site history investigations
  • Contaminated land assessments and management documentation
  • Due diligence assessments including program timeframes, sharing lessons learnt and understandings on how contamination impacts the end value of assets
  • Risk assessments including PFAS (Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) characterisation
  • Remediation options and action plans (RAPs) including technical insights
  • Preparation of soil disposal permits

What causes contaminated land?

Contamination of land can result from intended, accidental, or naturally occurring activities and events. The manufacturing of certain goods, previous or historical industrial activities, mineral extraction, mining closure, waste disposal, leaks and spills, illegal dumping, underground storage tanks, extreme natural weather events, pesticide use, and fertiliser application can all contribute to land contamination.

What does a contaminated land consultant do?

Contaminated land consultants can provide advice to a range of clients on contaminated land assessment and remediation. Consultants use a variety of methods including desktop assessments and soil and water investigations to determine the presence and extent of contaminants of concern and assess the risk to human health and the environment. Contaminated land soil testing allows the experts to then develop solutions to manage the soil depending on the nature of the development and the project aims. To speak with a highly experienced contaminated land consultant to achieve the best and most cost-effective outcome for your site, contact us here.


South East Queensland

Chemical Manufacturing Plant

PSK completed a detailed Stage 2 Contaminated Land Investigation at a 4 ha manufacturing plant in south east Queensland aimed at identifying soil contamination requiring remediation.


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