In June of this year PSK launched our ‘Career Pathways to Contaminated Land’ program in collaboration with Griffith University for students who identify as women or non-binary. Supported by the National Careers Institute, PSK will deliver industry-relevant training opportunities to encourage more women to work in the contaminated land industry and develop the skills and support needed for successful career progression.

The intended outcomes of the program are:
• Enhanced career pathways that help women of working age reach their full career potential
• Further development of skills and attributes sought by employers in current and emerging industries
• Stronger local collaboration in the delivery of career guidance to women of working age
• Building a network that will support the career progression and career longevity of our program participants

The duration of the program is one year and in that time, PSK aims to inspire, motivate and educate the next wave of women and non-binary identifying environmental graduates. To keep up to date with our project, follow us on LinkedIn here.