To celebrate the launch of our new website, the amateur cake makers of PSK teamed up to create a cake worthy of a bunch of geology loving soil scientists. Here are our top tips for creating a geode cake of your very own.

  1. Assemble your cakes and frost with your choice of icing. For ours, we created a two-tiered white chocolate mud cake with cream cheese icing and then covered it in fondant. It’s best to use a dense cake that can withstand the weight of the icing and fondant.
  2. Use a sharp knife to trace your “cut out” design and then cut away small pieces in stages to achieve your shape.
  3. Partially fill the void with cream cheese icing to create a smooth surface on which to apply the sugar crystals. Be careful to seal away any crumbs.
  4. Apply your sugar crystals into the cream cheese icing to create your geode effect and refrigerate to set. We used long tweezers to position the crystals.
  5. Paint! Using food colours of your choice, paint the sugar crystals. Use a liquid food dye rather than gel. For ours, we started with dark blue in the centre and mixed with lemon juice to create lighter blues as we moved away from the centre. Use gloves to prevent your fingers from getting covered in food dye.
  6. Use a brush to wet the external icing or fondant and then using tweezers, outline your “geode” with gold leaf. Gold leaf is particularly handy for covering any small errors or errant crumbs!
  7. “Dig” in!
PSK makes a Geode cake to celebrate the launch of the new website