Our Founding Director, Dr Silvana Santomartino is an award-winning expert on Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS). Silvana has spoken extensively on the topic of Acid Sulfate Soils and can adapt her presentations, lectures, workshops and training to meet the needs of the audience.

As a woman from a CALD background in STEM, Silvana is passionate about coaching others to fast track learnings and build a community designed to share, guide, connect and thrive. Silvana enjoys sharing her career insights to empower the next generation of women and men in STEM.


Acid Sulfate Soils: Introduction, Legislation, Management and Sampling
National Acid Sulfate Soil Guidelines: interpreting and applying them to your projects
Management and Implication of Acid Sulfate Soils on Construction and Development Projects


Building a successful career in STEM
Career pathways for environmental scientists and tips for landing your dream job
Navigating a business in STEM as a woman with a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background
Building strong client relationships and other tips for business success
Resilience and leadership

Workshops with Dr. Silvana Santomartino

TITLE: Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS) 101: Building Awareness.
TOPICS: ASS: What are they? Risks and impacts. Summary of ASS Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and requirements.
FOR: Construction crews.
DURATION: 1-2 Hours

TITLE: Site Specific Acid Sulfate Soils Workshop. *
TOPICS: How to implement ASS EMP to ensure compliance. Includes practical component.
FOR: Project managers, engineers, site supervisors and site environmental officers working on construction projects in ASS environments.
DURATION: One day course.

TITLE: One-on-one Professional Development for Lead/Head Project Engineers. *
TOPICS: Fully customised learning approach.
FOR: Lead/Head project engineers.
DURATION: Flexible.

TITLE: ASS Workshop for Government Bodies. *
TOPICS: Project managers, engineers and environmental and planning officers.
FOR: Local and state government staff involved with project work on sites in ASS environments.
DURATION: One day course.

* Participants will each receive a Certificate of Attendance upon request

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“Dr Santomartino, an ambitious, driven and one of the best Business Leaders I have worked with. I worked with Silvana and her team during my time at ALS Environmental providing services for Environmental Testing. On occasion, I  also had the opportunity to hear her present at major industry events and workshops.  She is meticulous and highly educated in subject matters related to Environmental Science, in particular Acid Sulphate Soils. Her position within Industry and Academia & Research shows that she’s a valuable source of information and her reputational story makes her business stand out of the crowd. I highly recommend working with Silvana, with out reservation, she has proven again and again to be an Industry Leader, Industry Mentor and someone who genuinely stays true to the PSK brand.”

Dr Purvi MidwinterDr Purvi Midwinter, Account Manager (Environmental), Thermo Fisher Scientific

“I attended a one-on-one Acid Sulfate Soil workshop for professional development with Silvana during my time as Project Environmental Manager for BMD Group.  Silvana worked with me to tailor the workshop to meet my needs whilst I was working on the Bruce Highway, Haughton River Floodplain Upgrade project.  I found the session to be incredibly well presented, informative and well tailored to my learning objectives.  Through attending the workshop I was able to improve my knowledge and understanding of the Acid Sulfate Soil management aspects applicable to my project, as well as gain insight into managing challenges that can occur across other construction examples.  The content covered also allowed me to expand my general knowledge of Acid Sulfate Soil properties and management.  I highly recommend this training.”

Michelle Smyllie, Environmental Manager, McDermott International

“I loved being able to round off international women’s day celebrations this week with PEWA Australia tonight. Thank you to our panellists, Silvana Santomartino, Kylie Gomez Gane and Sally Foley-Lewis for great insight and discussion. For Silvana in particular, I found her presentation so engaging and down to earth. It was inspiring to see how she has started her own company and has managed its sustainable growth. It has encouraged me to entertain the idea that one day I might do something similar.”

Olivia WalkerOlivia Walker, Student, Science (Environmental) and Laws (Hons)

“Hi Silvana, thank you for connecting. It was wonderful to see you speak at the PEWA event- I feel really fortunate to be able to learn from such capable women.”

Amy WhiteAmy White, Senior Groundwater Modeller, AGE

“Thank you so much Silvana for sharing your words of wisdom with us! I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend the event last Friday and to listen to valuable insights from women like yourself. It is clear that you have so much experience and passion for what you do. I aspire to one day build strong client relationships as I step into the industry and the messages you presented on Friday will definitely help me to develop that skill.”

Jessica Davidson, GIS Officer, APA Group

“I had the pleasure on attending a workshop on Acid Sulfate Soils hosted by Silvana Santomartino. My knowledge on the topic was almost non-existent. However, now I feel more confident in identifying actual and potential Acid Sulfate Soils, and monosulfidic black ooze.”

Renee MedlandRenee Medland, Student – Environmental Science

“Silvana it was such a wonderful night. I admire and respect so much your generosity of spirit and knowledge. I particularly took on board your points on active listening and the evening inspired me to want to really take on the role of uplifting the younger woman in my work place and industry. Thank you.”

Jenny BevanJenny Bevan, Business Development Officer – ALS Environmental